Ancient Aliens-History Channel Program

Posted on Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

On Sunday night the History Channel aired Ancient Aliens, an informative segment on evidences of advanced ancient civilizations and their technology around the world. A good deal of the program was spent on Erich von Daniken author of Chariots of the Gods and information of artifacts recently found that support the theory of ancient flight.

Von Daniken believes that the ancient pilots were aliens or alien trained human pilots. That’s probably the one issue on which I disagree with him. I believe it was humans alone and not aliens who discovered how to fly and subsequently flew. It’s my opinion that it is hard enough for us to believe that the ancients were flying. It’s absolutely terrifying to believe that we humans were foolish or stupid enough to have once had that information and then lose it. For it to have been lost before means that it could happen again.

If you have the opportunity watch the program. It’s interesting.

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