The Joseph Needham North American Chess Board Grid Collection

Posted on Monday, May 10th, 2010

I am dedicating the chess board like grids I have located in Alberta Canada and in Montana to Joseph Needham. (December 1900 to March 1995). Dr. Needham is recognized worldwide as the authority on ancient Chinese Science & Civilization. He has written volumes on the topic.

Until I located these chess board patterns I have had an ongoing challenge. A percentage of you who have responded to my blog report that you “just don’t see these images.” That’s one of the reasons that I’ve had an artist do the overlay on some of the geoglyphs that I’ve posted. Even so some of you remain unconvinced.

But everybody has to be able to see contrasting colored rectangles or squares. These are not a photographic anomaly as they show up on both Google Maps and Bings Maps satellite imagery. They are not small nor were they casually constructed. The chess board near Flathead Lake is made up of squares approximately one mile by one mile. That’s a square mile which is 640 acres. That is in a national park in a fairly remote part of Montana. Yet there are a very large number of these squares.

However, just because these “chess board” squares exist doesn’t make them what I am suggesting. But I ask you, what else could they be? Has any ancient civilization reported to have lived in North America had the scientific capability to do anything this complex? If so who?

Is it a coincidence that a China scholar on the level of Dr. Joseph Needham who has written so much on ancient Chinese technology would mention repeatedly the importance of  “chess board patterns” in the progress leading up to the Chinese Quantitative Rectangular Grid Mapping System of Zhang Heng and Phei Hsiu (Phi Xiu).

Are the land patterns I have located and Dr. Needham’s research connected? What do you think?

Newly Presented Chess Boards

  1. A. Valley Near Flathead Lake, Montana

B. Tighter Shot of Valley Near Flathead Lake, Montana

This location is on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains approximately 3 to 4 hundred miles directly south of Calgary, Alberta Canada.

2.    A. Moonshine Lake Provincial Park, Alberta Canada.

B. Tighter Shot of Moonshine Lake Provincial Park, Alberta Canada.

C. Even Tighter Shot of M L Provincial Park

3.   Wide Shot of the Demmitt-Gordondale Area of Alberta Canada between Hwy#43 and Hwy 49.

Previously Presented Chess Boards:

  1. Original Chess Board (Checkerboard) presented South West of Swan Hills, Alberta
  2. East of Swan Hills, Alberta

(Burnstick Lake Chess Board/See blog entry dated May 7th 2010)

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