The Gang Deng Sea Horse “Black Water” Lake

Posted on Friday, May 28th, 2010

(Second of Four Lakes with Island Eyes)

Location: Hottah Lake, Northwest Territories Canada

I am dedicating this Sea Horse “black water” lake with an island eye to Gang Deng. Dr. Gang Deng a lecturer at the London School of Economics and Political Science is the author of Chinese Maritime Activities and Socioeconomic Development C.2100-1900 A.D. He lectures internationally on this subject. His research has shown how far in advance of the west ancient eastern maritime technology and expertise had progressed.

The Gang Deng Sea Horse Lake image is just to the southeast of the largest “black water” lake in the world, Great Bear Lake. If you saw an image like Great Bear Lake on a wall you would immediately recognize what you are seeing. Because of its enormous size and because you and I have no idea how this could be altered to this shape or any other shape many of us will deny that it could be anything but natural. That is instead of admitting that its position so close to the sea horse is not a coincidence. These both appear to be altered lakes.

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