Eastern Mountains/El Dorado

I was not looking for “The Eastern Mountains” or El Dorado. I was simply pursuing a lead from an ancient Chinese expedition journal trying to see if the logs descriptions of each of the 12 destination stops matched up to what was actually on the ground at each of the points mentioned. I was attempting to prove a theory of the Asian exploration of North America long held by our father. A couple of weeks before I was traveling through El Paso on my way to research the first of these 12 sites mentioned, I had started to go to “Google Maps” to observe from satellite imagery what was visible on the ground at each of the locations. I was following the original expedition but it soon became apparent to me that what we were seeing on the ground was the ruins of several ancient cities in the vicinity of large mines. At some point a light went off in my head. Six large mines (gold if the original report was to be believed) in the area of six or more ancient cities. Ancient cities of Gold? Could this be the location of “Those Lost Cities”?

Suddenly several pieces started to fall into place. Cities of Gold imply a civilization capable of building cities. The gold in the volume implied by the legend would have to be supplied by a large mine or mines for each of the cities. Places in South America previously reported to be the “Lost Cities” never had the source of gold, large mines to qualify as the “Lost Cities”. At first I did not recognize what I was looking at. However, as I followed the expedition trail I began to see patterns developing. I began to see the aerial evidence of large strip mines at each of the six locations where the log said the early explorers had found gold or much gold. As I continued to explore the surrounding areas I began to see large amounts of disturbed rock with what appeared to be images carved into them. All of these carved images had at least one thing in common.

They all had eyes carved where eyes would be on a carved image. In addition to these carved images I began to see evidence of large population centers in what has been recently thought of as remote inaccessible and forever unpopulated areas.

The log I was following was the equivalent of a Lewis & Clark type map describing an area that was thought to be unexplored. If 4200 years after the Lewis & Clark log and 800 years after a pandemic, a natural disaster or massacre had destroyed most of the American population would not there be evidence of our past existence here and signs of our technical achievements such as our freeways for example. Perhaps our survivors did not know how to build aircraft, cars or even homes that we would consider to be habitable today. Is it conceivable that under these circumstances, the remaining population of the former society we were a part of would bear a striking resemblance to the culture of the Native Americans that the European settlers encountered as they moved across the North American continent and settled? I believe that is what happened or something quite similar. Obviously something huge had occurred in North America between the time of our expedition log and our visit and research in the area. In addition to the well-designed mines with hundreds of tons of displaced rock I have come across in North America.

  1. Large areas appearing to be settlements
  2. Huge areas of rock carvings
  3. Images of Elephants, Monkeys, Horses, a Hippopotamus and Dragons
  4. An Image of a Mayan type carving
  5. Images of Men’s Heads
  6. Evidence of flight by the early inhabitants

Evidence of flight? I didn’t know before April 2009 that the Chinese were capable of flight, at least hundreds of years ago. Chinese ability to do this is well documented in written reports by Robert Temple, Joseph Needham, Benjamin Olshin and others. These men are all China scholars with PhD’s. Marco Polo gave an eyewitness account of observing Chinese wind powered flight.

All across North America carved rock images, many far larger than Mount Rushmore, can be seen from the air. In fact they can only be seen from the air and were created TO BE SEEN FROM THE AIR.

There is absolutely no doubt that North America was inhabited previously by an advanced civilization.

So many questions remain. So much research remains to be done.

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