Ancient Geoglyphs/ Totems of Pangu in the Americas

Posted on Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Although most of us are familiar with the names of the three most prominent religions in China (Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism) we are not as familiar with the ancient Chinese mythological god of creation Pangu. (Google: The Rhinoceros Totem and Pangu Myth) Pages 372-375.

There has been much discussion on where and when this myth originated. Most scholars now seem to believe that the belief/myth originated in Central China. The earliest recorded mentions of Pangu in China date to the Three Kingdoms period (222-280 CE) although most scholars seem to agree it could have been much earlier.

Like other religions, there are elements of controversy. The followers of Pangu couldn’t / can’t seem to agree on what image he took. Some of his followers believe he looked like a snake with a dragon’s head. Others believed he was a man with a furry dog’s head with horns while others felt he was really a rhinoceros.

In a limited amount of time I have found four images of this ancient Chinese mythological god in both North and South America. How many more images are out there? How could these images be in the Americas unless they were created here by ancient believers in Pangu from China? How much more evidence of ancient Chinese civilization must be found here before China scholars become open to the possibility of two way Ancient Asian Trans Pacific travel to the Americas?

Images of Pangu

  1. Snake with Dragon Head. (Mayan Art) Page 373
  2. Snake with Dragon Head. The Charles Mann Ancient Alberta Snakes (Image #3) Lower right snake Page 373
  3. Furry Dog Head with Horns. The Robert Schoch Horned Monster Head (Image #2) Page 374
  4. Rhinoceros Head The Wei Chu-Hsien White Rhino Head Run Overlay Page 376-379

I have recently become aware that the geoglyph/totem images I have located are not random.  They appear to be tied into an ancient Chinese culture.  I have located eight of the twelve animal images on the Chinese Zodiac calendar as well as several of the thirteen animal images on the Mayan Lunar Calendar. (Watch for an upcoming posting on this topic).

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