Can Stone Carved Phallic Symbols Link North America with Ancient Asia?

Posted on Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Warning! Parts of This Material Contain Sexual Content And May Not Be Appropriate for Everyone

Long before the arrival of the major religions of Asia, which today include Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism, Hinduism and numerous others, what we know as Shamanism was the basis of religious beliefs of most people in the ancient world. We know this because of the symbols, customs and beliefs of Shamanism that have been absorbed and are still used by indigenous people around the world with particular emphasis for this article in Pacific Rim countries.

Fertility rites and symbols have played a major role in Shamanism and then been passed down into the current religions that have taken its place. The celebration of Phallic symbols has been going on for millinnea and is still being celebrated today –Google: (“Sky Pillar China”). For access to an ancient Chinese image Google: “Putting the dong into Guangdong” Art with a sexual emphasis was relatively common in Asia. “Chinese Sex Exhibit in Toronto Displays Asian Sexual Culture”
“Phallus Alert: Fertility Blessings in Bhutan” and “the often mentioned origin of the symbolic phallus is as a legacy of the popular Bhutanese saint Lama Drulepa Kunley (1455-1529). Kunley migrated from Tibet, was trained in Ralung Monastery in Tibet…” “_ _ _, the phallus’s representation got enmeshed with Buddhism in Bhutan.”

“Long throughout human history, the phallus has been an important symbol, often used as a representation of the Hindu deity Shiva (though here it is referred to as a Lingam.)

Books & articles such as “Kokopelli = The Magic, Mirth, and Mischief of an Ancient Symbol” by Dennis Slifer and “Is the Hopi Deity Kokopelli an Ancient Hindu God” by Gene D. Matlock have been written on this topic. Numerous rock carved images of Kokopelli throughout the American Southwest have phallic images carved into them as well.

An yet although this has been such a highly researched topic no one seems to be connecting the dots between this art form from Asia celebrated all the way back to ancient Shamanism with identical symbols that are currently found in Utah, North America. In Arches National Park, Utah there are several phallic symbols just like the images in Asia. Google: “Interesting side views of Arches” and Another Arches Phallic Image.
In addition to the phallic symbol research that has already been done, American geoglyphs that appear to be Tibetan Buddhist in origin and the wide spread use of a wedding celebration by Native Americans that is an exact replica of the Hindu Seven Step Seven Vow Wedding Ceremony Walked Clockwise Around the Sacred Flame one would think that pre-Columbian Asian travel and influence in the Americas was finally accepted and acknowledged..

It’s not!!! Why not??

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