Pangu Totems in North America (Continued)

Posted on Monday, August 16th, 2010

The particular Pangu likeness created in ancient California near Topaz Lake and Highway #395 is (1) The Furry Dog Head with Horns.

Not only do I believe that this and the other Pangu geoglyphs were created by ancient Chinese artists but because of the previous research on Pangu by China scholars I believe it can be pinpointed with a degree of certainty what Chinese language group these artists were likely in and what region in China they probably lived.

The internet has several sites telling the story of the transformation of Pangu (2)from a dog into a man. Interrupted by his wife before his transformation was completed, Pangu was left with a permanent furry dog’s head with horns.

Other Chinese living in different parts of China saw Pangu as a snake with a dragon’s head. This was/is a more popular view of Pangu because of the many and varied likenesses of this image that have been made. Several of these images have remained with us to this very day.

Barnett was a famous English 18th Century gun manufacturing company that sold guns from India to the Pacific Northwest. The guns that eventually were obtained by the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest were traded to them for pelts by the Hudson Bay Company and other trading companies. (3)These long guns were different from the rest of the guns sold by Barnett. They were a cheaper lighter grade weapon used for smaller animals and hopefully not against the traders. These guns had an apparent terrible reputation of exploding barrels. But they also had something on each gun stock that was an essential item for the Native Americans who were using this gun.

Although long associated with China most people do not associate the dragon with Native Americans. Then why is it that Native Americans insisted that a dragon totem be on their individual guns for it to have any value to them? But it appears to me that this totem wasn’t just a dragon but was “the dragon headed snake” that was the image of Pangu, the Chinese god of creation for at least 1500 years prior to these gun purchases. In China it didn’t start with the dragon. It started with the snake and over time morphed into the dragon. Thousands of years ago the Chinese worshipped the snake. This image apparently changed over time into the dragon, the totem of China even today.

Apparently somewhere in the transformation process from the snake to the dragon, the Pangu belief/myth originated and captured as its permanent image The Snake with the Dragon Head.

That image is now found in (4)ancient Mayan art, (5)modern Asian, (6) jewelry, (7) a geoglyph in Alberta, Canada, the 18th Century Barnett gun stocks of the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest and the list goes on. These and other ancient Chinese religious symbols/totems can be found today in the Americas.

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