The Beak of the 10th Sun/Raven Still Glows

Posted on Friday, January 15th, 2010

The Beak of the 10th Sun/Raven  Still Glows

When I first discovered the Ching Bird Head near Casper Wyoming I didn’t know what to make of the orange outline around the bird’s beak. Yesterday it dawned on me that the original artists were portraying the glow of the intense heat of the sun that the 10th Sun/Raven had attempted to eat.

The legend of the 10 Sun/Ravens is one of the most famous Chinese legends. China does not have a lot of legends but this is one of them. It is my belief that this “legend” may not be as much legend as it is history.

A.   “Ancient Chinese myths were not recorded in a systematic way in any work, and, as a result, only fragments of them are extant today”.

B.   “Mythical stories are entwined with history. The history of the long  period before recorded history began is partly based on legend, which is interwoven with mythology”.

C.   “Chinese people believed that there existed ten suns that appeared in turn in the sky during the Chinese ten-day week.

….put them in the branches of an enormous mulberry tree called fu-sang”.

D.   “….culture heroes elevated almost to the status of gods by Confucius and his school”. “….This attribution was not seriously questioned until the introduction of the critical apparatus of scientific methodology into China in the 20th century.”

“Marshall believes the later versions of the myth were accretions meant to explain an occurrence whose purpose had been totally forgotten, namely, that the mythical archer shot at the black bird that had eaten the sun, thus killing it and releasing the sun from the eclipse”.

This eclipse refers to the total eclipse that occurred in North China around noon on June the 20th, 1070 BC. This eclipse had an enormous historical impact on China because it came to be called “The Mandate of Heaven”. It led to the overthrow of the Shang Dynasty.

I believe that it may have led to much more than that. For the legend of the 10 Sun/Ravens to make historical sense you have to believe that there were 9 Chinese nations or city/states in Fu-Sang (North America). Shou, the last Shang emperor, may have had strong ties with this 9 nation alliance as had his predecessors. However, since their establishment in approximately 2000 BC these 9 nations had become increasingly independent as they became more prosperous. Trade agreements and market quotas were made between China and the 9 nations.

Everything went fine for a while but eventually the agreements were broken and a trade war broke out with catastrophic consequences for all parties. Therefore when Fu went to war against Shou to end the Shang dynasty whether or not Shou fled to Fu Sang, I believe that Fu may have taken the opportunity to crush the 9 nation competition by using China’s finest Archery Army Units. These 9 nations were destroyed ruthlessly in a manner of Biblical proportions. This explains the lack of buildings belonging to that period in the United States today.

A lot of water has flowed under the proverbial bridge but THE BEAK of THE 10th SUN/RAVEN STILL GLOWS.

PS “In early times, the Yi was associated with the word ‘niao’ for bird, and there were eight to nine different ‘niao-yi’ people in the east. Shang Dynasty people, considered a group of Yi people, were recorded to have treated ‘Xuan Niao’ (i.e., Black bird, possibly sparrow) as their totem.”

Prof Wei Chu-Hsien & “China And America”

The Beak of the 10th Sun Raven STILL GLOWS!

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