There is Evidence of An Ancient Advanced Civilization All Over North America

Posted on Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Its wonderful news to hear of archaeological discoveries all over the world but especially in Central and South America. However, has it ever occurred to you that its strange that the “ancients” such as the Olmecs, Aztecs and Incas preferred Central and South America but that the only record we have of “ancients” in North America is of the Anasazis and what we know about them doesn’t seem to rival the accomplishments of the highly advanced civilizations to the south.  I’ve been told and I’ve experienced that North America is one of the best places in the world to live for many reasons but that some of the basic reasons are that the land is beautiful, the weather is moderate for the most part, water is plentiful and particularly in ancient times there was an abundance of natural game for food as well as land to farm.  So why was Central and South America home to such advanced people and North America was not?

Has the history you have been taught about North America been “shaped” to fit the story of what we’d like to believe and what sounds fair and just instead of what actually happened. There may be much more to the story than you can possibly imagine.  I have been doing satellite research on the Americas and I am coming up with more and more evidence that ancient North America was populated by an extremely advanced civilization.  My objective is to share that information with you and let you decide for yourself.  I have no “axe” to grind.  If I am wrong I am willing to accept that and admit it.

There are people in authority (The Library of Congress, recognized scholars and others) who know what I will be sharing with you but for now and for the foreseeable future they are staying with the Columbus discovered America story.  There is a lot at stake for them.  American nationalism is one of them.  It’s as if they are saying “We developed this barren and practically unoccupied continent with our own bare hands and no one is going to tell us anything different even if it’s the truth.”  I believe in American nationalism.  I believe that we as Americans should particularly exercise “Economic Nationalism” by buying American made products as much as we can so we can employ able bodied American men and women who want to work.  My family tree goes back to the Colonial Period so there should be no doubt where my allegiance lies.  Having said that I also believe in the truth and that the truth on any topic should be pursued as a matter of policy.

My specialty is viewing our planet from space.  Obviously this ability has become available only recently and it’s a field that is rapidly expanding.  In the past before actual pictures of Earth were available maps were an interpretation of data that a mapmaker felt you needed to see and that is what you got.  Now the actual photos of earth can show you our planet “warts and all” and you get to see the unabridged version of Earth as she is in all her glory.  This includes data that prior mapmakers felt was unnecessary for anyone to see.  If there has been an ancient advanced civilization in North America there would have to be evidence of it somewhere and lots of it.  I believe that my research has discovered this evidence.

If you google “ancient go board Alberta” you will see a 2560 acre ancient Go (Weiqi) (Yi) board that I’ve located in Canada that has been crafted in 256 10 acre squares in alternating and contrasting dark green and light green shades.  That geoglyph is just south of Burnstick Lake Alberta Canada.  I have posted dozens of images of geoglyphs all over the Western United States.  These images are of incredible size as are all the geoglyphs that are being discovered all over the world.  These images can only be seen from high altitude and were crafted to be seen only from high altitude just like the Nazca Lines and the Marree Man.  Everyone is afraid to pursue the obvious question.  Talk about advanced ancient technology!  You can see my collection by googling “hendon’s geoglyphs”.

If this topic interests you and you would like to see a stand alone image that I just found yesterday then check this one out.  Go to Google Maps and type in Sharps Creek Wayside Cottage Grove Oregon.  Pull the satellite picture slightly to the west and you will see a light green square completely surrounded by dark green natural vegetation.  Pull the image in tighter to where it says 1000 feet in the bottom left corner.  You will then see all the detail on this incredible square in the middle of a very remote area of Oregon.  The image has trees growing down into it now because it looks like there may be a stream running through the square.  This square is not unique.  If you proceed north and south from that point you will see scores of these in deteriorating condition.  Let me know what you think.

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