Very Old Chinese Coins Found Not Only On The Northwestern American Coast But Also In The Yukon Territories As Well.

Posted on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Numerous such discoveries have occurred along the coast but these finds inland are considered much more significant.  It should be noted that this news story has received only limited media attention and the majority of that attention has been in Canada and Australia.
Mesoamerica scholars continue to disregard what seems to be more and more apparent.  That is that there seems to have been significant contact between Asia and the Americas both before and after the voyage of Columbus in 1492.  One has to wonder what it would take for these scholars to give attention to and begin serious research on this subject of ancient Asian contacts and influences in North and South America.
For an interesting account of a find of ancient Chinese coins along our west coast read Before America, Fu Sang.
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Hendon Harris

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