Were The Wise Men of Bethlehem Han Dynasty Nobles From Weiyang Palace?

Posted on Friday, December 16th, 2011

If someone were to suggest that the Wise Men/Astronomers at Bethlehem Judea to pay tribute at the birth of Jesus were possibly Han Dynasty royals from Weiyang Palace in Chang’an China it is not as improbable as it might at first appear for the following reasons.

  1. The Silk Road linking Chang’an and Rome and the rest of the Mediterranean had been in place for at least two hundred years. The Silk Road was actually a number of land and sea routes that connected Asia and Europe and the Middle East.
  2. The Chinese had been predicting eclipses for centuries prior to this and tracked celestial activity with scientific fervor. This is of record and acknowledged.
  3. One of the numerous routes of the Silk Road was a sea route that went from China to the east coast of Egypt where the passengers and goods were transferred over to the Nile and then floated down the Nile to Alexandria where they could then proceed on to their ultimate destination.
  4. One of the ports of call before the Egypt portage/transfer point was Somalia. Somalia was probably the best place in the ancient world to buy frankincense and myrrh. (Check this out on Google for yourself!)
  5. The Han Dynasty was on full alert for a dynastic change in China. The 210 year term that the Chinese nation anticipated was the length of the Han Dynasty was rapidly coming to an end. Astronomers were searching the skies for “signs and omens” and others were using divination to determine when and where the next King/Emperor would appear. (Source: The History of the Former Han Dynasty Vol. III by Pan Ku/ Translated: Homer H Dubs)
  6. Whether you view the Biblical account as a collection of myths and legends or the inspired Word of God there are patterns that reoccur throughout the entire text. One of the major patterns is the use of contrasts. To illustrate this point one only has to read of the boy David versus the giant Goliath , Gideon’s 300 against thousands, 5 loaves and 2 fish feeding hundreds, “In your weakness My strength is made perfect”, etc.
  7. And then there’s Bethlehem—According to the Biblical account the Son of God (King of Kings) was born in a stable/barn in Bethlehem because there was nowhere else that would or could accommodate the event. This was a barn in every sense of the word. Without getting excessively graphic about what a barn contains this was not a likely place for any human birth much less any kind of king. Common men (shepherds) heard of this birth and came to observe. This represented the first half of the contrast. What about the other side of the contrast?

The Biblical account tells of a sky ablaze with a heavenly choir of angels. It was a terrifying site/sight until those humans present (the shepherds) were assured that they were selected to be witnesses to a heavenly chorus of praise because of The Event. The other aspect of the regal side of the contrast was the arrival of “The Wise Men of the East” bringing gold, frankincense and myrrh to pay tribute to this baby. They are reported to have been following some sort of astrological anomaly (Global Positioning Star, GPS) that brought them to this place. The Biblical account does not tell us much more about these “Kings”

Is it possible and does it not fit into the Biblical contrast context that the child born in this extremely humble place may have been honored in Bethlehem by royals of great wealth living in The Largest Palace In Human History (WeiYang). This concept may never be able to be proven true. However, supporting information exists to this day to show that at a minimum it was physically possible.

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