Who Is The King of Beasts?A Theory on Asiatic Lions in Shang Dynasty China

Posted on Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

On February 5, 2010 I posted the image of an adult male lion and a lion cub that I had discovered near Fort Davis Texas.  I called this dual overlay image The Lions of Hong Kong and I stated the adult male was an African Lion.  That was before I learned of the Asiatic Lion and the other lion subspecies as well as the current common knowledge of the Asiatic Lion’s reported range.  I now believe that the Lions of Hong Kong are Asiatic Lions.  Later I posted another image I have called the Clawing Cat/Lioness that I discovered in Russia. “(A similar ancient Chinese totem image).

On July 13, 2010 I posted an article that theorized that the rhino geoglyph and the antelope (saola) geoglyph done in accurate detail possibly date all the North American geoglyphs I’ve found to the Shang Dynasty or prior periods.  That is because shortly after that period the elephant, antelope and rhino became foreign in mid and northern China because they were hunted to the point of extinction and/or migrated south because of radical climate changes that were occurring in the Northern Hemisphere.  Because subsequent generations of Chinese had little or no memory of these once common animals their reproductions of these animals became crude and inaccurate. Therefore well defined images of these animals had to be done by artists familiar with them i.e. Shang Dynasty artists.

Using the same logic, the Lions of Hong Kong must be Asiatic Lions familiar to the artists as well.  The problem with this theory is that there appears to be no recorded evidence of Asiatic Lions in the heartland or the northern parts of China.  This is indeed a mystery because lions were in Europe, the Middle East and as far east as Persia. There were no natural barriers to prevent the lions from migrating east into China.  This lack of records on the lion in ancient China is further mystifying because the lion is at the top of the food chain.  If antelopes, rhino’s and elephants were in ancient China in enormous numbers as is acknowledged and accepted then why was the lion not there? Today the final natural habitat for Asiatic Lions is in India, the approximate same location where the elephants, rhinos and antelope of ancient China have migrated.  This same animal combination works today in Africa.  If this animal combination works today in both areas where these animals now exist then why wouldn’t it have worked 3.000 + years ago?  The obvious question then is why aren’t there written ancient Chinese reports of lions in China?  Perhaps the answer is that the ancient Chinese killed all the lions there before the end of the Shang Dynasty before much of anything was written and recorded.  The Lions of Hong Kong geoglyph at Fort Davis, Texas may have been created before that time.

The possible 3,000 year old geoglyph The Lions of Hong Kong like the Rhino and Antelope may also point to the presence of ancient Chinese in North America.  But what do we do with the Ape, Baboon, Parrot and Western Man (that I have labeled the Akkadian King) that are located in the Henriette Mertz Collection at Longs Peaks Colorado? If I use the same logic on these geoglyphs that I’ve used on the Rhino, Antelope and Lions then they were also images familiar to the ancient Chinese and also lived in abundance in Ancient China.  Is that possible?  (I have located numerous elephant geoglyph images in North America.  Unfortunately there is considerable decay among those images so I have not posted them as of yet.

Emperors, Kings, religions, countries, cities, trading companies and schools have identified themselves with the lion.

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By world wide acclaim the lion is the King of Beasts!

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