1st Altered Island & Other High Altitude Art

Posted on Monday, May 17th, 2010

Location: Pavico, Peru

Last week I posted the Cyclone Covey Asian Couple. In the posting I suggested looking around the area for other unusual images. Today I want to point out what I’ve seen.

Image # 1– General Area –Directly above the Asian Man Lake that I brought to your attention on Friday appears to be a much larger black water lake in the shape of an unknown species of a bird in flight. Notice the “ribbing” or jagged area that extends down the back of the image’s head and down its back. However, the most interesting thing in this picture is the image of a “swan or duck” floating on the water in the middle of the black water lake mentioned above.

To the lower right side of the images mentioned above is a “plaster cast” image of what could have been the face of a lion or tiger. The clustering of the material used to make that image seems unusual for that area particularly when you couple it with the other unusual images in this picture. Once again these images in my opinion were meant to be enjoyed in the only medium available for their viewing – High Altitude Overflight.

Image # 2– Image of “Bird in Flight” Black Water Lake with the duck or swan floating on the water. (Note: the small dark spot in the exact center of the “duck”)

Image # 3– Image of the face of a lion or tiger set in a plaster cast type setting.

If you enjoy these images, disagree with my conclusions, can’t see the images as I’ve explained or if you have different ideas on what these may represent, please let me know.

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