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Posted on Friday, May 14th, 2010

I am dedicating these two “black water lake” images to Cyclone Covey. Dr. Covey professor emeritus of history at Wake Forest College has long been a proponent of the Asian Trans Pacific travel and exploration theory.

To my knowledge I am the first to point out that many of the lakes in North, Central and South America appear black from high altitude. Some of these “black water lakes” appear to have been altered if not entirely man made at some time in the past. These alterations are significant but can only be fully seen and appreciated from High Altitude. The Marjorie Weaver Asian Lady Lake is one such lake that I have previously posted.

The Cyclone Covey Asian Couple is now my current black water posting with several more to follow shortly. This Asian Couple is in the Americas. However they are on two different continents.

  1. The Asian woman lake image is in Montana USA. It is a body of water known as Upper Holter Lake. When reviewing this image of a woman’s head please note the neck, chin, lip, nose, forehead, hairline and the “bun” at the back of her head.
  2. The Asian man lake image is near Pavico, Peru. I believe this lake in a remote area has not been named. When reviewing this image please note the (now dry area) similar neck, chin, lip, nose, indentation for the eye, forehead, hairline and the “bun” at the back of his head.

(For those of you, who are able, explore the area around the Peruvian man. You will see several other altered forms near this lake)

There are striking similarities between the two lakes. I will soon post more as well as “altered island” images. The ancients were quite accomplished at altering the earth’s surface to create art.

Cyclone Covey

  1. Asian Woman # 1
  2. Asian Woman # 2

Cyclone Covey

  1. Asian Man # 1
  2. Asian Man # 2

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