Howard Prairie Lake, Oregon Grids

Posted on Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Location: Howard Prairie Lake, Oregon

I just returned from a 9 day trip to Crater Lake, Oregon and several locations in between. It was a productive trip and you will be reading more soon on my experiences and observations on the trip. For those of you who haven’t been able to visit our fabulous national park system I encourage you to do so. As you are enjoying Yosemite Valley, the giant Sequoias in Yosemite, Crater Lake, and the fabulous Redwoods along the west coast or the various sites of the park/s you are visiting realize that humans much like you have been enjoying those same sites for thousands of years.

I must confess a degree of disappointment in the lack of response from academic institutions in the material I have presented. I can understand that the art images I have posted are subject to interpretation and that although I believe they are what I have claimed they are that others may not be able to accept my claims on the art. What surprises me is that those who make a living seeking more information on early pre Columbian America have not followed up on my discussions and images of the “Black Water” lakes across the Western American continents as opposed to the “Blue Water” lakes. In addition what about the hundreds if not thousands of square grids that cover our west? How can they be explained away? They are clustered in some of the remotest parts of our continent. They are light and dark squared in exactly the right locations for a chess board/checkerboard pattern. They show up identical on two separate satellite systems thus removing (at least in my mind) the possibility that this is a photographic anomaly. However, as far as I know nobody is following up on this.

If I am mistaken and you know the reason/s for these anomalies please let me know. I can handle the truth. I understand that main stream America could care less about this topic. But if it is the truth wouldn’t it be nice to know? If for no other reason than academics should always be seeking the truth as a matter of policy no matter how comfortable the truth may or may not be.

Today I am posting another massive grid system in Southern Oregon and Northern California near the areas where I was last week.

The Beak of the 10th Sun Raven STILL GLOWS!

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