The Ching Bird’s Head. The 10th Sun/Raven? See Chinese Legend

Posted on Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

The Ching Bird’s Head

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Location: Wyoming.

The Beak of the 10th Sun/Raven Still Glows!

The Ching Bird’s Head is just north of Casper, Wyoming. An area near Casper was pinpointed as the approximate beginning point of the SHJ expedition (site #1) by Henriette Mertz long before satellite imagery was available. Just north of the Tang Horse’s Head, US Hwy #25 bends over the Bird’s Eye. Note that the bird’s beak is outlined in orange.

The Bird’s Head is dedicated to Wen Yeh Ching, my father’s missionary co-worker for many years. This is a poem written in tribute to Wen Yeh Ching:

Till the seas are empty
And no leaves on any tree
I shall not forget you
Nor your friendship worthless be

We labored much for others
Slept together on cold floors
Ate rice with lowly brothers
And laughed at hardships sores

How often you carried my bags
To relieve me from the strain
And we planted invincible flags
In the heat and in the rain

Till the books are opened
And the judgment set
I will not be ungrateful
Or ever forget

By: Dr. Hendon Harris
Four Springs
February 15, 1965

The Ching Bird’s Head

The Beak of the 10th Sun Raven STILL GLOWS!

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