The Donald Cyr Asian Miner “Black Water” Lake

Posted on Friday, May 21st, 2010

(First of Three Lakes with Island Eyes)

Location: Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming
I am dedicating this altered “black water” lake image to Donald Cyr. “….his greatest passion was publishing Stonehenge Viewpoint and all the friendships that resulted from his publishing and research projects…” “‘Controversy Is Our Specialty’, was Cyr’s proud boast of his magazine.” He loved the unusual and less than conventional theories.
Donald Cyr died on May 31, 1999 on board a commercial flight (at high altitude) very close to although high above beautiful Yellowstone Lake (the Asian Miner anomaly).

This dedication and identification are for the sole purpose to bring recognition to the point that I believe Yellowstone Lake is not simply a random naturally developed large body of water. I believe it is a now partially deteriorated large ancient Asian art piece. If you look in this area you will find other examples from the same time period other than the images I have already posted.
This huge image of an Asian Miner with a sledgehammer in his hands (Yellowstone Lake) and a pick hammer on the ground is an ancient celebration of the extensive mining that was going on here in times long past.
Although the Shan Hai Jing does not mention specific mine locations in Volume Four it does mention gold and precious stone deposits found at specific locations along the expedition route which follows the eastern Rockies from Wyoming to Mexico. The mines obviously came later. In my opinion this is where the mining started but it spread eventually all across North America. (More information will come on this in future postings.)
The reasons I am convinced that Yellowstone Lake was originally crafted to resemble a miner at work are the following:

  1. There is an island in the lake in the exact location where the left eye would be if this is a created or altered image.
  2. This lake image is in the complete shape of a man facing west with an ancient sledge hammer in his hands.
  3. In front of the miner image is a smaller pick hammer laying on the ground.
  4. The miner clearly has two legs, torso, arms and head.

There has been some disintegration of the image over time as would be expected. This altered lake (reservoir) may be well over 1,000 years old but it still carries enough of its shape to be recognized for its origin form.

Did not the Spanish explorers spend a serious amount of time and resources to find ancient mines in this area?

The Donald Cyr Asian Miner “Black Water” Lake (Yellowstone Lake)

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