The Howie Harris Reclining Dog “Black Water” Lake

Posted on Monday, June 21st, 2010

Howie Lake (Third of Four Lakes with Island Eyes)

Location: Flathead Lake Montana

I am dedicating this posting to our wonderful companion and always congenial dog Howie Harris. We got him from the animal shelter about 10 years ago and I estimate that he was approximately 3 years old at the time. Howie was a “runner” in his younger days but as he’s grown older he’s matured and outgrown his temptations to conquer greener pastures. Howie has now reached the autumn of his life and his remaining time with us is winding down. This situation is not unique. For millennia people have had great pets that they’ve loved and then lost because of the passage of time. I believe that Flathead Lake, Montana may have been altered by ancient artists to resemble such a pet a reclining dog with a raised head and a cocker spaniel type ear just like Howie’s.

That cocker spaniel type ear is in reality a 2,163 acre island in Flathead Lake known as Wild Horse Island State Park. (For the best information on this island google “Wild Horse Island State Park” and read the four page article with pictures put out by Montana State Parks.) Flathead Lake itself is reported to be the largest freshwater lake west of Minnesota. Yes, it is huge. The reported history of Wild Horse Lake is interesting. It was used as a place to store horses by the Salish-Kootenai Native Americans to keep them from being stolen. What I would like to know is by what means were these horses transferred back and forth. I suppose they might have swam back and forth to the island but that seems to be a lot of work assuming that horses can even swim that far. Could another explanation be that the Native Americans who stored their horses there for safe keeping had barges to transfer them? There are also Big Horn sheep on the island. How did they get there? Did they swim as well or were they also taken over?

I’ve previously posted satellite images of the chessboard/checkerboard colored grids that surround several portions of this lake and extend up into Alberta Canada. These grids seem to indicate this area was once home to a very large ancient population.

These are the reasons I believe Flathead Lake, Montana may have been altered by ancient artists to resemble a reclining dog.

1.  This lake has only two major islands:

a) The smaller of the two islands is exactly where the “eye of the dog” would be if this was originally intended to resemble a dog image from high altitude. Having shown two other black water lakes in the area with island eyes in exactly the right locations, and another one to be posted later a pattern seems to be developing.

b) The larger of the two islands is exactly where the “ear of the dog” would be if this is a dog image. This ear is a long dangling ear like Howie’s Cocker Spaniel ears.

2.  Mouth

3.  Snout

4.  Lower Jaw

5.  Front Left Leg

6.  Front Right Leg (Major deterioration- Lake water from altitude different color from rest of the lake)

7.  Remains of the Rear Left Leg (Only Stub Remains)

8.  Oddly shaped penninsula (if not done this way on purpose) that separates the dog’s two front legs. (If done on purpose it makes perfect sense.)

There is major deterioration at the rear of the dog.

Was Flathead Lake altered? Did the ancients make changes in this lake to cause it to resemble a reclining dog? Are these anomalies occurring too frequently to be natural? Why so many black water lakes with Island Eyes?

Whether my theory is correct or incorrect my study of this area has caused me to put it on my must visit list. The lake area is absolutely beautiful and charmingly remote. “Oh, Beautiful for Spacious Skies…”

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