The Louise Levathes Bird Head “Black Water” Lake

Posted on Monday, June 28th, 2010

(Fourth of Four Lakes with Island Eyes)

Location: Somewhere in South America (Reward of $250 offered for its location.)

I am dedicating this posting to Louise Levathes author of When China Ruled the Seas. Levathes is a former staff writer for National Geographic having worked there for ten years. She has since written for The Washington Post &New York Times among several other publications. Her book gives great insight into Emperor Zhu Di’s Ming Dynasty China particularly the size of his navy, its technology and its impact wherever it went. It’s a must read for those seriously interested in this topic.

This Bird Head “Black Water” lake like the first three in this series  that I’ve previously posted have “island eyes” or islands that are exactly where they should be if these lakes were altered to resemble animal or human images. In most cases these islands are either the only islands in the lake or dwarf any other island in the lake. I don’t believe this is a coincidence.

Lost and Hopefully Found

Since I first started finding images in January 2009 I have been able to keep track of all my geoglyph findings except for two. I have searched but I can’t relocate two of them. I want to know where they are.  Therefore I am asking your help in relocating them. As an incentive I am offering a reward to whoever first communicates to me where these images are located.

The Canadian Hummingbird will be the most difficult to find so I will pay $500 to the person who first communicates to me its exact location. As soon as it’s located I will post the image on my blog and the name of the person who located it.

  1. The hummingbird is to be found in the north part of the provinces or in the North West territory. It’s on a brown/tan background. The bird itself is white and the beak is black. As I recall the bird is depicted in flight with its beak headed west. It’s a small image that can be seen on 2 miles per inch or less. I believe that there are patches of white relatively near the bird. Good luck.
  2. The South American Bird Head “Black Water” lake with an Island Eye should be easier to locate because it’s larger and you have the actual image to see. For those reasons I am offering a $250 incentive to the first person who can tell me where that Black Water lake is located. Good Luck

The Beak of the 10th Sun Raven STILL GLOWS!

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