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Location: North East Corner of Washington State

Former: Washington State Mayan Man

I am dedicating this geoglyph to Mike Xu. Dr. Xu is author of “Origin of the Olmec Civilization.” After completing research on Olmec celts he stated the La Venta Celts he examined bore Chinese characters. As the results of his research he along with Betty Meggers believe that the Olmec are descendents of Shang Dynasty Chinese immigrants.

Here is a preview of a geoglyph of a man’s head. It’s my plan to later return to this image to provide an overlay for those of you having difficulty seeing this scraped white rock form.

Has there been Mayan art discovered this far north previously? What is this apparent Mayan geoglyph doing here? Maybe for the same reason there’s a polar bear geoglyph in the Mojave Desert. (I haven’t shown it yet). The ancients apparently travelled greater distances more often than we’ve previously known.

With the exception of the Black Water Lake Image, (you will see several more soon) the Stalking Cougar and the Harris Horse have you noticed a pattern occurring in the geoglyphs that I have presented? They are all heads or primarily heads. Ah Xiang in his article on the life and works of Professor Wei Chu-Hsien wrote “Shang Dynasty people, considered a group of Yi (alien) people, were recorded to have treated “Xuan Niao (i.e. Black bird possibly sparrow) as their totem”.

“As their totem” that’s an interesting phrase. Did you know before this that China or Chinese had anything culturally to do with a totem? I didn’t. The usual connection with the word totem is with the “totem pole” of the native people of Alaska and the North West. A totem pole is a pole with primarily heads carved into it. Those heads have significance to the respective tribal clans that they represent. Is it possible that the clans or communities of ancient America were represented by head geoglyphs. Is that why almost all these images are heads? Could the totem of the Shang people perhaps have been the Black Sun/Raven? (As per the legend of the 10 Sun/Revens).

  1. Mayan Man #1
  2. Mayan Man #2
  1. Maya Art #1
  2. Maya Art #2

Interestingly the Mayans had access to and much fondness for jade which they were guite skillful in carving. Fondness for jade? That sounds like another civilization I’ve heard about on the other side of that ocean.

The Beak of the 10th Sun Raven STILL GLOWS!

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