The Lynn Hickox “Badlands Guardian”

Posted on Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Location: Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada

I am dedicating this posting to Lynn Hickox who first discovered this geoglyph according to Wikepedia. However, this discovery has not gone without ridicule from at least one blogger who posted that Lynn had “a little too much time on (their) hands discovered a geomorphological feature that looks incredibly like a Native American in a full headdress. The image is pretty uncanny….”

I’ll say its uncanny! If you start with (1) the full headdress you can then move to the (2)Forehead (3) Eye Brow (4) Shaped eye lid (5)Nose with a dark spot for the nostril opening (6)Lips (7)Dark spot for the mouth (8)Chin (9) Throat and (10) Shoulders. You can call this anything you like and you can come up with every natural explanation you can dream up but if you think that an image with this much detail can happen randomly then you must be willing to disregard DNA and finger printing evidence as well because they also use markers that positively identify evidence. The more markers you have the more the odds increase expedentially against it being someone or something else. In this case how do you call an image with as many as 10 or more markers that identify it as a Native American in Full Headdress anything other than what it appears to be?

Do I need to know what year it was crafted, how many people it took to construct it, why they constructed it and where the technology they used to construct it with disappeared before I can recognize and accept this as Native American art? Absolutely not. I can simply accept it for what it is and believe that someday historians will put the pieces together and tell us the story of what happened here. I do not have to deny it because I can’t explain it or because it doesn’t fit my theories of world history or technology. Remember that those who can’t accept these enormous artifacts are attempting to do something similar to the Marree Man in Australia. In the case of the Marree Man they are claiming “Yes, The Marree Man is art and it was apparently done with high altitude imaging so it was obviously done recently as graffiti at great expense, without explanation in total secrecy for an unknown reason by some unknown person who has not yet been identified or come forward.”

However, the approach taken by the naysayers of The Badlands Guardian is to simply deny it as art and to belittle and/or berate those who are trying to explore this anomaly and find out what happened here.

The Badlands Guardian is not a figure created in a vacuum. Alberta is covered with evidence of an extremely advanced ancient civilization. If you chose to ignore the art then what do you do with the huge chessboard/checkerboard light and dark grid patterns that occur in several locations in Alberta or the other grid patterns that occur in Alberta.

This evidence is covered by me in other postings in this site regarding Joseph Needham and his research on the ancient Chinese quantitative rectangular grid system. Review this information on The Badlands Guardian and let me know what you think.
Images 3 & 4 contain the image of a companion guardian near the Badlands Guardian.

The Beak of the 10th Sun Raven STILL GLOWS!

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