The Robert Schoch Horned Dog Head

Posted on Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Location: Topaz Lake California

I am dedicating this geoglyph to Robert Schoch author of Voyages of the Pyramid Builders. Dr. Schoch’s research has lead him to the conclusion that the pyramids of South America bear a remarkable resemblance to the pyramids constructed in China at approximately the same time. His work continues to provide information on ancient Asian Trans Pacific travel.

This Horned Dog Head rests in the Tolyabe National Forest near Grays Crossing, California not far from Topaz Lake where Highway #395 crosses from California into Nevada. It’s also just south of Highway #4 at Silver Creek.

The head is the only part of the geoglyph. (Once again this ties into the fact that almost all the images I have found are heads.) I believe this is tied somehow into the totem system of art which also uses mainly heads as tribal symbols.

My question is “How many of these huge images do I need to post before it is commonly accepted that these are not natural rock formations and that whoever created them almost certainly had to be flying?”

  1. Horned Dog Head  #1
  2. Horned Dog Head  #2

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